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Update from Solar Power International 2010

spi 2010 LA dancers Update from Solar Power International 2010 So clearly there was a lot of money spent on the SPI conference in Los Angeles. They closed down the street in front of Staples Center and decked it out with a red carpet, tons of food, scantily clad dancers, booze, and even some fake papparazzi snapping pictures in front just to make us solar nerds feel like celebrities.

I know it was an events stunt, and my little camera was a bit foggy, but I have to admit I felt awkward walking down this red carpet as people were being paid to act all excited and take pictures of everyone.

LA block party Update from Solar Power International 2010 Regardless, the conference is turning out to be interesting. Lots of presence from overseas, replete with slick sales presentations and very expensive booths. More photos to come in a bit.

I’ve also got some good notes on legislative policy and incentives I’ll be posting shortly.

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