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Solar power is exploding, getting cheaper – we’re here to help

sand solar Solar power is exploding, getting cheaper   were here to help

You might be asking yourself what the above image has to do with solar power at all. Pretty colored rocks, right? Well, you’re right, those are pretty colored rocks. They’re actually grains of sand under a high powered microscope. By the way, solar panels are made of silicon, which is produced when you melt sand! So, boom there you go! Pretty cool, huh?

What’s even cooler than this, is the amount of solar panels produced and shipped over the past several years. Check out the graph below:

solar cheaper Solar power is exploding, getting cheaper   were here to help

Mr. Dinwoodie (fun name, serious business) of Sunpower: “That 17 gigawatts installed in 2010 is the equivalent of 17 nuclear power plants — manufactured, shipped, and installed in one year. It can take decades just to install a nuclear plant. Think about that. I heard Bill Gates recently call solar “cute.” Well, that’s 17 gigawatts of ‘cute’ adding up at an astonishing pace.”

That’s right, last year the solar power industry installed roughly SEVENTEEN nuclear power plants worth of solar capacity. Nothing to sneeze at! The other good news about all this, is that companies are developing best practices for producing, installing, and educating people regarding how it all works. That means, the cost to install solar have dropped significantly. Now, in many parts of the country from New Jersey, to Massachusetts, to Philadelphia to Los Angeles, your solar investment pays for itself in 6 years or less, and you get paid by your utility company afterward for them to be able to say they’re getting some power from a clean source like your roof!

What’s more, Dave over at One Block Off the Grid has made it so that even if you don’t have thousands of dollars lying around, you can still do this with a power purchase agreement, meaning you go solar at no cost upfront, and you get all the benefits of generating your own electricity still with a lower power bill.

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Dan, Dave, and Solar Fred

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