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Fossil fuel and renewable energy subsidies need parity

govt subsidies2 Fossil fuel and renewable energy subsidies need parity According to a study by the Environmental Law Institute, U.S. fossil fuels industries enjoyed direct federal payments totaling roughly $18 billion between 2002 and 2008. Of course, that doesn’t include the $54 billion in tax breaks. Over the same time period, subsidies to renewable power producers totaled just $5.5 billion. Now, the government included corn based ethanol as a “renewable source” of energy which is frankly maddening, considering more fossil energy is used to produce ethanol from corn than the ethanol’s calorific value. Really, the graph should look more like this: govt subsidies3 corn Fossil fuel and renewable energy subsidies need parity I just watched Bill Ritter, Colorado’s former governor, debate a couple fossil and nuclear industry knuckleheads. He valiantly pushed for solar energy adoption and enhanced legislative efforts on a recent intelligence squared debate: While the two coal and nuclear advocates fired away at the premise of ratepayer subsidized renewable energy, he spoke calmly regarding the enormous benefit the solar industry has had on Colorado communities, jobs created, and clean energy served up. I couldn’t help but have the following stream out of my mouth as I watched:
“Ratepayer subsidized solar?! Aww that’s terrible!!, I take it you’re much more comfortable with TAXpayer subsidized coal and oil, right?”

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