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April Is National Solar Quote Month Again, Damn It!

SolarquotePenNoYear 1024x768 April Is National Solar Quote Month Again, Damn It!

Solar Fred is a bit, shall we say, impatient. I’ll admit it.

The fact is, I’ve been devoting my being, sweat and beer money to spreading the word about solar power affordability for the last two or three years. And yet, still, I meet somebody new who loves, loves, loves (loves!) solar power for their home, but, but, but— —And there’s always that “but—” They tell me, “But, it’s too expensive.” Solar Fred: Really? How do you know? Person who could be you: Because…that’s what I’ve read/heard/seen on Fox news. Solar Fred: Would you like to prove that it’s too expensive? Person who could be you: Like, as in, facts? Solar Fred: Like, as in getting a quote once a year to test your theory? If you’re right and it is indeed too expensive, then you’ve lost an hour or two of your time with the nice installer person coming to your home, checking out your shading, and giving you a free quote. My apologies, but at least you know the facts. But if you’re wrong, then yeah, baby! You’ve always wanted to go solar, and now you realize you can afford it! Good solar times are comin’. Now, just to be fair, you, dear doubting solar enthusiast, may not be entirely wrong, even this year. That is, the affordability factor depends on your utility, your state, your roof, and how you finance solar.   Another reason why solar is more affordable today is that there are some great new 0-down solar leasing and solar power purchasing agreement (Solar PPA) programs that let you go solar for nada up front and still allow you to save 10-20% off your electric bill. Yet another reason the home solar life is good today: Solar panel prices have come WAY down in the last two years, so installers are often passing those savings down to you. All this is to say, give Solar Fred a break, and give yourself a break:  Once a year, say every April, get a solar quote for your home. Benchmark yourself.  If you’re not surprised and tickled that solar is affordable this year, just you wait until next April and get another free quote. Then, one year soon—if not this year—you’re going to say, “Holy sugar shacks! Solar is affordable. …But I knew that.” Enough said.

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