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Solar power is exploding, getting cheaper – we’re here to help

You might be asking yourself what the above image has to do with solar power at all. Pretty colored rocks, right? Well, you’re right, those are pretty colored rocks. They’re actually grains of sand under a high powered microscope. By the w…

One Block Off the Grid Expands with Solar Leasing

The group solar buying program, One Block Off the Grid, announced this week that it will begin offering leases for solar panel installations in addition to…

April Is National Solar Quote Month Again, Damn It!

Solar Fred is a bit, shall we say, impatient. I’ll admit it.
The fact is, I’ve been devoting my being, sweat and beer money to spreading the word about solar power affordability for the last two or three years. And yet, still, I meet somebody new …

If electricity was free and clean, what would you feel better using it for at home?

On yet another drippy weekday afternoon in Portland, I figured it was time to break out MSPaint and create something solar, warm and fun. So, I did. Our stick figure hero above has just cracked open a frosty beverage on a warm summery day. Boy is he h…

Solar on the White House and What it Means for You

Well,  perhaps you’ve heard that the White House will finally have solar panels on its roof again in the Spring of 2011. Hooray!  Or not….
As usual, the enemies of solar, fossil fuel companies and Fox News their lobbyists, are saying that t…

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