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Infineon Raceway Unveils Massive 353 KW Solar Array – Exclusive Photos!

California’s Sonoma County may be known for its wine, but it may soon be famous for pulse-pounding feats of green technology as well as Infineon Raceway just teamed up with Panasonic to unveil a massive array of 1,652 solar panels. Spread over five separate sites throughout the raceway, the 353 KW photovoltaic installation is able to provide…

New Discovery May Lead to Typing-Powered Laptops and Everlasting Batteries

Self-powered laptops and everlasting batteries could soon become a reality thanks to a new study from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology that measured a piezoelectric film’s capacity for turning mechanical pressure into electricity…

Duke Energy hits top 10 list for solar power

Duke Energy Carolinas has cracked the top 10 utilities for solar-power production, according to the Solar Energy Power Association’s annual rankings.

It’s the first time a…

Solar power is exploding, getting cheaper – we’re here to help

You might be asking yourself what the above image has to do with solar power at all. Pretty colored rocks, right? Well, you’re right, those are pretty colored rocks. They’re actually grains of sand under a high powered microscope. By the w…

Solar Tunnel Built on Belgian High-Speed Rail Line

A European high-speed rail network has begun generating electricity from 16,000 solar panels installed atop a two-mile rail tunnel…

You Can Now Easily Share Your Solar Power System’s Performance on Facebook

The world lives on Facebook. That’s what they tell us, at least, since Facebook is now the #1 website on the internet (in terms of total hours spent there).

Solar Leasing Programs Growing

Solar energy can reduce your carbon footprint and save you lots of money. But installation demands a big chunk of cash that most of us don’t have…

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