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Solar jobs by state

The Solar Foundation released its census of solar jobs last week. We posted the most telling graphic below. As you can see, most solar jobs are in California, though states with strong renewable portfolio standards are strong employers too:

You’ll pro…

Update from Solar Power International 2010

So clearly there was a lot of money spent on the SPI conference in Los Angeles. They closed down the street in front of Staples Center and decked it out with a red carpet, tons of food, scantily clad dancers, booze, and even some fake papparazzi snapp…

Solar on the White House and What it Means for You

Well,  perhaps you’ve heard that the White House will finally have solar panels on its roof again in the Spring of 2011. Hooray!  Or not….
As usual, the enemies of solar, fossil fuel companies and Fox News their lobbyists, are saying that t…

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